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A community for all things Liam Aiken

Liam Online Livejournal is part of the Liam Online network. The livejournal page is here for fans to post their graphics, any news, pictures, stories, etc. directly for other fans to see, read, & use.
rules & purposes
1. I am Chloe. aka, the owner of Liam Online. I am the owner of this community, too.
2. You can post news here about Liam.
3. If you have any stories about Liam (such as if you met him) you can post those here. You can also post any fanfiction you've written. Please post full stories under cuts.
4. You can post icons, headers, etc. Just make sure that you put everything under a cut or link to your own journal. You may put 3 100x100 icons or one 300x300 image in a post that is not under a cut, at the maximum.
5. You can post new pictures of Liam, too! Just make sure that you put them under a cut if they'e large. Also, remember to respect his privacy!
6. You can post fanmixes here.
7. You can basically post anything that isn't disrespectful, private, or inappropriate & as long as it has something to do with Liam or one of his movies, etc.
8. I have total control. Muahahaha. That means, I can indeed delete or edit a post if I do not like it or if it does not follow the rules.

Have fun!
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